Unrestricted by asset classes, holding periods, and traditional deal structures, Cassis & Cassis Capital invests across a spectrum of industries, locations, and securities without defined transaction limits or constraints on its investment horizon.


Cassis & Cassis Capital LLC. serves as the investment arm of the single-member family office of Nicolas Cassis. Diverse mandate by a single investor enables Cassis & Cassis Capital to pursue valuable global investment opportunities without restrictions of asset class, thereby seeking public market openings with interesting incongruities between market perception and fundamental reality. Cassis & Cassis Capital upholds the golden rule, seeking partners —  entrepreneurs, artists, and businesses—who share similar ethics, passion, dedication, clarity, and the vision to positively contribute to humanity in tandem with pursuing profitability.

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Private Companies

As a keen proponent of direct debt and equity investments, Cassis & Cassis Capital invests strategically in private companies, opting for early-stage venture capital, growth capital, distressed / turnaround capitalizations, and secondary market pre-IPO stock.

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Real Estate

Our primary focal point for funding lies in real estate investments in major metropolitan regions worldwide, including—but not limited to—locations in North America, Europe, and the Middle East; we welcome the prospect of selectively evaluating projects elsewhere given the right partnership.

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Investment Funds

Regarding its permanent capital, Cassis & Cassis Capital chooses to invest in managers with commendable credentials and who have successfully implemented differentiated strategies across asset classes, as with venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds.

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Cassis & Cassis Capital invests in cutting-edge companies and disruptive players in the business of media and entertainment, embodying its passion for the film industry by making direct debt or equity investments in major motion pictures.

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Public Markets

To invest across asset classes—bonds, commodities, currencies, equities, and so forth—in major markets on a global scale, Cassis & Cassis Capital implements a calculated application of both top-down macro-economic and bottom-up fundamental analysis, alternatively adopting a big-picture vision of the market and analyzing individual stock fundamentals before expanding to the overall economy.

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Through public holdings and private investments alike—including investments in hotels, resorts, and food and beverage establishments—we actively invest in emerging and established global markets of the hospitality sector.

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Franchising & Licensing

Armed with extensive business acumen and a track record of successful transactions spanning multiple industries and geographies, we seek to leverage our local market expertise to partner with companies that align with our own and our existing partnering businesses’ visions and values, ultimately introducing these brands to new markets via domestic franchising, international licensing, or joint ventures.

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Natural Resources & Power

Given our mandate to invest in future-oriented companies which share the vision of enabling the earth to sustainably support an estimated 5 billion people by 2050 and ensure their improved quality of life, we actively pursue opportunities to collaborate with and invest in the water, agriculture, energy, and commodity/natural resources sectors.

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Other Opportunities

With trend-spotting investments ranging from digital currencies to rare earth metals, Cassis & Cassis Capital is constantly seeking to overcome barriers, illuminate new markets, and seize unique alternative investment opportunities.


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Nicolas Cassis

Founding Partner

Nicolas Cassis LinkedIn

Nicolas is the founder partner of Cassis Capital, bringing to the table a rich and extensive background in a spectrum of investment asset classes, with expertise spanning the industries of technology, telecom, film, hospitality, land and real estate development, start-ups mining, investment analysis, and natural resources. As a seasoned technology entrepreneur with solid credentials as both buyer and seller, Nicolas also serves as a leading advisor for several private companies regarding corporate formation, restructuring, and financing.

Having spent his formative years in both Jerusalem and the San Francisco Bay area, Nicolas became heavily influenced by the dynamic entrepreneurial culture reigning within both regions. At 20 years old, he launched his own personal entrepreneurial venture, founding a telecom company and growing it from the ground up; within nine years, his vision evolved into a massively successful business with an annual revenue that topped $200M. He continued by opening offices in over seven cities, including New York City, Washington D.C. and Charlotte. He currently owns 300+ real estate properties and has developed 100+ new single-family and multi-family units in the Southeast.

When not working, Nicolas enjoys spending time and traveling with family and friends. An avid reader, he also cultivates a passion for lifelong learning and international affairs.


Untiringly enthusiastic about tackling new and intriguing projects, he is open to further collaborations and challenges. He has yet to observe a worthwhile opportunity originating from a generic “contact us” form; therefore, if you have any opportunity to share, please feel free to reach out with a direct message or email, nicolas@cassiscapital.io

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